The What Hifi Award winning Arcam Solo Music System.

We are excited to announce that Arcams award winning Solo Music System is now available to experience in our demonstration lounge in Chobham! We are always on the lookout for class leading, original and inventive smart technology to integrate perfectly into your home, and we are positive that the Solo Music System will make the cut.

Perfect for those looking for a premium all-in-one system solution to be at the centre of their hi-fi entertainment, the Arcam Solo System hosts a huge array of features including DAB Tuner, Bluetooth Streaming, a vast array of audio inputs, CD and Super Audio CD playback capabilities. With a quality of music that has previously only been possible through connecting multiple components, this single-solution system ensures that absolutely no sonic detail is lost.

We love the sleek and classy design of the Solo Music System echoing its beautifully clear, punchy yet smooth sound. Utilise the easy-to-use app, MusicLife for controlling your system and organising your music or use the intuitive backlit remote control for general playback controls.

With the Arcam Solo Music System having such high-quality, diverse and innovative audio features, we can’t wait to show it off in our Chobham demonstration lounge! See, hear and feel the difference now – book an appointment on 01753 863300 or drop us an email to sales@studioav.co.uk.

Check out our fantastic Package Deals on the Award winning Arcam solo range.

  1. Purchase a Solo Music with a pair of Solo Muso Speakers for only £1599 (Save £200)
  2. Purchase a Solo Movie 2.1 and a pair of Solo Muso Speakers for £1999 and claim a free Solo Subwoofer (Save £500)


Solo Muso Speakers

Solo Subwoofer