Get Inspired With Our Hifi & Audio Themed Christmas Gift Ideas!

Bowers & Wilkins PX Headphones

The PX wireless headphones provide the highest quality personal audio experience whilst having the innovation and convenience of wireless technology. Just a few features are:

  • Wireless or Not: Music can be streamed wirelessly from your mobile phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth, or conventionally connected by a jack cable to a suitable headphone output.
  • Colours: These stunning headphones come in both space grey and soft gold for a more personalised feel.
  • Award Winning: The PX Bower & Wilkins headphones won the What Hifi Best Headphones Award 2017.
  • Get in touch on 01753 863300 to buy these headphones for £329.99.

Step up a notch? For a step-up, why not consider the Bower & Wilkins P9 headphones which offer an unparalleled experience of your favourite music, and feature the finest Italian Saffiano leather by Scabrenta. Get in touch on 01753 863300 to buy these headphones for £699.

Or would they prefer in-ear headphones? If you think that in-ear headphones would be a better fit for whoever is lucky enough to be getting an audio-themed treat from you this Christmas, the Bower & Wilkins C5 Series 2 headphones enable the best possible quality audio performance to be achieved on the move. Get in touch on 01753 863300 to buy these headphones for £119.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Speaker

This speaker changes the game for speaker dock sound quality and design, introducing technologies never seen in a speaker of its class.

  • Fantastic Sound Quality: Thanks to Digital Signal Processing (DSP) twice as powerful as its predecessor, Zeppelin Wireless creates a more detailed and refined sound, making it a truly enhanced listening experience, in a league of its own.
  • Wireless or Not: Music can be streamed wirelessly from your mobile phone, tablet or computer, via Bluetooth, AirPlay or Spotify Connect or conventionally connected by a jack cable.
  • Stunning Aesthetics: Available in black and white, the sweeping curves and contours command appreciation.
  • Get in touch on 01753 863300 to buy the Zeppelin for £499.


Bower & Wilkins T7 Portable Speaker

Bowers & Wilkins T7 combines Bluetooth wireless streaming with compact size, and rechargeable convenience, making it the perfect gift for someone always on the go.

  • Compact: The T7 Portable Speaker is the size of a hardback book, designed to be picked up and carried with you.
  • Rechargeable: T7’s rechargeable battery will last for up to 18 hours at normal listening levels.
  • Solid: While T7 is compact, it’s reassuringly solid, with the heavy-duty stability you would expect of a high quality speaker. The rubber surround adds protection and tactile quality, adding to the speaker’s distinctive, elegant design.
  • 2 Colours: The T7 is available in Black and Gold.
  • Get in touch on 01753 863300 to get the T7 Portable Speakers for £299 and for an extra touch, get the speaker and stylish travel case for £319.


Mu-so Speakers by Naim

Naim Audio is a British company renowned for producing the best premium home music systems. Mu-so is a wireless music system which will transform your music collection into incredible sonic experiences.

  • Bluetooth: Pair with a Bluetooth device to instantly play your music. Mu-so is also compatible with AptX for high performance audio.
  • Multiroom: Play to multiple Mu-so devices simultaneously as part of a Naim multiroom system.
  • Customisation: Mu-so comes with the classic black speaker grill, however there are multiple optional grills available – Deep Blue, Vibrant Red and Burnt Orange.
  • Get in touch on 01753 863300 to buy Mu-so for £999.


Need something more compact? Mu-so Qb shares the same quality design DNA as the Mu-so original, but all intuitively crafted into one truly compact cabinet, ideal for any living space. Mu-so Qb is alive with contours and features, but with 300 watts of power it is never restricted by its size. With all the grill customisation options as the Mu-so original, you can get hold of the Mu-so Qb for £649, so get in touch on 01753 863300.

Looking for Something More High-End?

Heralded as the world’s best headphones, the Focal Utopia headphones would be an unforgettable gift for any audiophile. Get in touch with our team for more information on these unparallelled headphones that have a breathtaking sense of space, accuracy and lightness of touch.

Hifi Improving Products and Accessories

We offer a huge array of hifi improving products from brands such as Still Points, Entreq, Tellurium Q and more. Our Hifi Doctor is also available to improve an already owned system, so don’t hesitate to give our expert team a call on 01753 863300 for advice on your best options.

Bespoke Gift Vouchers Available!

At studioAV we are always on top of the latest hifi and audio innovations, so don’t hesitate to have a chat with our team for more inspiration. Let us know your wants and requirements and our team will come up with the ideal audio product to your specifications and budget.

Not sure what your friend would like? We offer bespoke gift vouchers that can be personalised with your recipient’s name and the value of the voucher, so whatever your budget you know you can treat your friend or relative to any new purchase at studioaAV, as well as an inclusive 1-2-1 demonstration in our luxury showroom in Chobham.

We also offer free UK delivery for your convenience – we know how stressful Christmas can be and want to make it as easy as possible. Good luck with your Christmas shopping and hope to hear from you soon!