Limited Edition CLX Speakers Waiting for a Loving Home!

We are excited to have acquired a pair of limited range CLX Anniversary edition speakers! Boasting the finest electrostatic technology, the CLX delivers a clarity of sound that will permeate an entire room with music in its purest form, delighting even the most critical ear.

Will you be the lucky buyer?

With only a finite number of speakers distributed on the market, the limited CLX Anniversary edition is widely sought after, as it features a unique and aesthetically stunning aluminium enclosure. Utilising dual electrostatic transducers to render a sound unparallelled in distinctness, clarity and intensity, the CLX Anniversary Edition will deliver even the most complex musical passages with immaculate quality and truthfulness.

With an environmentally conscious design featuring EcoSound, these speakers could not be more perfect to start 2018. Features such as the CLS XStat electrostatic transducer, DualForce triple stator, double diaphragm electrostatic transducer and precision built advanced topology Vojtko crossover make these speakers an invincible rival in the competitive world of hifi speakers.

With a retail price of £32000, we are selling these Limited Martin Logans for a sale price of ONLY £15000! This is a very rare opportunity, so to avoid disappointment we strongly recommend getting in touch to arrange a viewing and / or demonstration by completing our contact form or call us on 01753 863 300.