Hear the Love in the Air: How Could Hifi & Smarthome Technology Transform your Valentine’s Day?

Are you ready for the big day? With only a couple of weeks until V-Day, you want to be on top romantic form, gifts at the ready and a night planned full of romantic surprises! We all know the atmosphere is an essential part to a successful Valentine’s night in, so don’t let the mood lighting, music and entertainment let you down!

Movie night? Gone are the days of faffing around with the wires, squinting at a bad quality screen or muffled movie soundtracks. Recreate your first date at the movies with a fantastic home cinema, together with surround sound and integrated lighting! Imagine watching your favourite classics on the big screen, whether that’s the typical romcom or a not-so-typical action movie.

Mood Lighting? Although candles will always be the most romantic, they also come with the risk of being forgotten about in a romantic moment! Home automation means that you can create mood lighting through a click of a remote or even a swipe on the tablet, without the worry that the evening might get a bit too fiery from a forgotten candle. Our automated lighting is always innovatively and subtly integrated with your interior design and considers quality, longevity and budget.

Romantic Melodies? Don’t let your pre-planned romantic playlist get ruined by a speaker system that doesn’t do it justice! Whether you want to show off some awe-inspiring speakers or want a subtle integrated system that ensures exceptional sound, there are a huge range of options to choose from, to create the perfect ambience. Let’s hope you’ve got a great playlist that your partner will approve of!

So, we hope your romancing goes to plan with no embarrassments or disasters (although they are always entertaining stories to look back on!), and that Valentine’s day is a great success. Our demo lounge showcases all the amazing hifi and home cinema technology that could have wooed your partner, so book a visit on 01753 863300 to check out what you are missing out on.