studioAV’s Thoughts on the Entreq Range

During my 25 years’ experience in the hifi industry I had always felt that there was an extra dimension missing from a lot of high quality audio systems. Having never been able to quite pinpoint what was wrong for many years, I was introduced to the Entreq grounding and noise reducing products back in 2012. Immediately I realised that I had found the answer. What I had been hearing up until then was inherent noise and distortion in the audio signal. The Entreq system aims to stabilise the signal ground and drastically reduce induced noise within the systems signal path.

Along with a range of innovative grounding boxes suitable for a wide range of budgets, Entreq also manufactures a wide range of high performance cables.  The Entreq experience is best explained as once you have it settled and working correctly within your system, you can never go back.


Entreq Vibeaters pictured above are primarily placed on top of speakers significantly improving performance. They work to improve the performance of the speakers on three fronts.

1. Their weight gives further stability to the speaker cabinet itself – reducing unwanted vibrations.

2. Vibrations and fields normally being generated in the speaker cabinet are most intense at the top – the Vibeaters absorb this distorted energy transferring it to heat

3. The magnetic granular mixture used inside the Vibeaters have a very positive impact on the fields generated in and around the loudspeaker itself.

The result…….. We find that the treble tones become cleaner, the bass becomes quicker, tighter and with a deeper more textured sound – why not book a demo to hear for yourself.

Please call or email studioAV to request further information on the Vibeaters and and friendly advice on how Entreq could improve the musical enjoyment of your own hifi system!