Electrostatic Speakers – What are the Advantages?

Electrostatic speakers and headphones use an alternative and more advanced technology than conventional ‘dynamic’ or ‘moving coil’ systems. As one of the most innovative upcoming audio technologies, major hifi brands such as Martin Logan have been investing a great deal in advancing electrostatic technology, as the benefits that come with it could totally revolutionise the way we listen to music.

Regular speakers place a coil of wire inside a magnet, which is adhered to a stiff cone or dome held in place by springed suspension. The current passes through the coil, causing vibrations that are often detrimental to the sound. However, electrostatic systems work by placing a non-moving electric charge on a film that floats between two perforated metal plates. With the lack of physical contact, there is minimal interference from coils and stiff cones.

So, to put it simply, what are the benefits for you if you invest in an electrostatic speaker?

  • High directionality – Concentrated acoustic energy in narrow beams mean that room reflection is less of a problem.
  • No cabinet resonance – internal reflections and vibrations are completely minimised due to electrostatic speakers having no cabinet.
  • Music transparency – The lifelike qualities of the reproduction of the human voice are incredible, as well as acoustical musical instruments, particularly small classical ensembles. This is partly due to the radiating surface having less mass than most drivers.
  • Minimal distortion – Electrostatics can be executed as full-range designs, lacking the usual crossover filters and enclosures that could color or distort the audio quality.
  • Hear everything – Details remain discernible even in a great wall of sound.

With Martin Logan being one of the major companies producing and developing electrostatic speakers, we are excited to have a pair of limited range CLX Anniversary edition Martin Logan speakers waiting to find a loving home at our Chobham showroom! Visit our demonstration lounge to experience the superb sound emitted by electrostatic technology and speak to our experts on 01753 863300 to see how it could integrate into your home.