A Review: The Magico S3 MkII Speakers

The studioAV Experience and Expert Opinion: 

“One of the best full range floor standing speakers at its price, in particular for information retrieval. Magico‘s S3 mkII speakers have unequivocal control, a grippy bass and an unsurpassed out of the box soundstage. They offer an all round involving musical experience. Alan Sircom of Hi-Fi+ has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to understanding the strengths of Magico.”

Alan Sircom’s Hi-Fi+ Review Highlights:

“That’s the thing about Magico loudspeakers. They manage to combine all the state-of-the-art Masters of Objectivity design that would satisfy the most meters-only audio enthusiast with the sort of sound that is both precise and passionate. It’s kind of like the perfect storm of good audio rolled into one loudspeaker.”

“There is something about that midrange that is just so right, so natural, and so open that you can’t help being captivated by the S3 Mk II sound from the get-go.”

“It is accurate and yet musically enjoyable, and that combination invites you to hear more music and more from your music. If you have played the same piece of music a thousand times and the Magico makes you want to hear it anew, then the S3 Mk II comes very highly recommended!”

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