A Review: Melco’s N1 Z S MkII Digital Music Server

What The studioAV Experts Say: 

“The Melco N1Z MkII is without doubt a game changer in terms of digital music storage, delivery and high-end performance playback. The N1Z integrates perfectly into a digital based hifi system and can really bring the best out of your DAC when used as a transport connected via USB. With a company as established as Buffalo behind the Melco brand, you can really appreciate the detail and precision that has gone into its development. The technical specifications speak for themselves; the musical performance is class leading but for us the value in a Melco can truly be appreciated when you’re listening to your favourite music with your entire collection accessible from your fingertips.”

Highlights from Andrew Everard’s Review in Hi-Fi News:

“Melco has not only paid attention to further improving the main planks of its offering, but has also reinvented its products with a subtle shift of emphasis.”

“Playback is now possible via the front panel controls as well as using app control, and while playing from the internal hard drives, the Melco Music Libraries can also play back from attached USB drives.”

“Playing a wide variety of music, the main impression is of clarity and focus being greatly improved, allowing the detail of instrumental timbres in particular to be enjoyed.”

“It brought better slam and drive to Jamiroquai’s ‘Dr Buzz'”

“This focus and crispness of sound also suits complex orchestral music well, allowing the fugue from Walton’s ‘Spitfire Prelude And Fugue’, magnificent space and openness to develop, from the skittering strings to the glorious edge to the brass.”

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