A Review: The Still Points, Ultra5, Ultra Mini & UltraSS

The studioAV Experience and Expert Opinion: 

We continually hear demonstrable performance improvements when using the Ultra range from Stillpoints. This is largely due to their unique noise reducing construction and the materials used. Time after time our customers are amazed at how careful placement can rejuvenate their systems resulting in a meaningful upgrade with a sizeable saving.

Chris Thomas’ Hi-Fi+ Review Highlights:

 Stillpoints products are extraordinarily versatile and you can deploy them in many configurations and I would urge you to spend serious time exploring this as each individual system and installation will be different.

All Stillpoints products are beautifully made, finished, packaged and laser etched with the company’s logo. The grade of stainless steel has been specifically chosen for purpose and every single metal part that Stillpoints use has been cryogenically treated at the factory. 

If you are thinking that these are just audio accessories to stick under your CD player then you are really going to have to think again. Even a brief exposure to them will leave you in no doubt that the importance of equipment supports has been seriously undervalued for years.

Stillpoints strip the music of electronic artefacts leaving it more natural and less processed and I hear the music as being freer and less constrained and inhibited and of course the lower noise floor certainly helps the improved dynamics as well.

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