A Review: The T+A PDP-3000

The studioAV Experience and Expert Opinion: 

“Musically this amazing single box flagship source from T+A is on a level often only found in 2 box systems (SACD / CD Transport, DAC) we really respect their no compromise approach to design, with performance always being at the core. We’ve found partnering the PDP3000 HV with the matching PA3000 HV or PA3100HV integrated amplifiers produces a highly recommend system ticking all the current boxes and providing a true audiophile platform for future additions. We strongly recommend arranging a demonstration to hear the T+A HV series for yourself.”

Highlights from John Bamford’s Hi-Fi News Review:

“The construction of the PDP 3000 HV is nothing short of superb, built around a pure aluminium chassis and boasting complete symmetry and channel separation throughout.”

“You’ll have endless hours of fun experimenting with the PDP 3000 HV’s different settings while you explore your digital music collection.”

“There’s no dramatic colouring or augmentation to musical events, rather it sounds ‘pristine’ and squeaky-clean.”

“Weighing the PDP’s top-notch sound, along with the fact you’re getting three high-end components – an SACD/CD disc transport, DSD and PCM DAC – for less than many boutique brands’ standalone DACs, it’s unquestionably an audiophile bargain.”

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