A Review: The Tellurium R Statement Range

The studioAV Experience and Expert Opinion: 

“We have been big advocates of Tellurium Q cables for nearly a decade. From their entry level Blue range through to the top end Silver Diamond range there’s always been a cable available to enhance your Hifi’s performance to fit any budget. Imagine our excitement when we were invited to stock the brand new best-of-the-best products named Statement. It is fair to say that it is very early days for us to give a detailed product review but our first impression of Statement is simply WOW. We strongly advise any hifi enthusiast to try this cable range for themselves.”

Highlights from the Mono and Stereo Review:

“Tellurium Q Statement cables managed to forge an extreme transparency with the unprecedented organic flow. Similar to Silver Diamonds, the fullness was exhibited across the complete spectrum.”

“There is a certain, additional lightness in the signal flow, that encapsulates even more music’s density and energy transfer.  Timbre, tone, and colour were spot on. The natural transparency extends across complete frequency range without the slightest (EQ) bumps. Smallest details are now delivered with even more refreshing feather like airiness and low bass extend to a submarine depths, where notes gained clearer definition and focus.”

“Yes Tellurium Q Statements truly deliver an extreme resolution without introducing the clinical and analytical momentum too often associated even with the most exotic top tiers.”

“Tellurium Q Statements again shine with the best attributes of the live music. Yet, this time everything extends in more than just a subtle way. Statements simply draw you draw you in music by blending the impressive aural density and tonal correctness.” 

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