A Review: The Dcs Rossini

The studioAV Experience and Expert Opinion: 

We have nearly a decade of experience promoting the dCS product range and have worked closely with dCS across this time. In more recent years our dCS product focus has been based around the 4 box Vivaldi stack, this being their flagship offering. We knew there was a strong need for an integrated unit with many of the design and performance features found in Vivaldi, at a price point that would introduce dCS to a new equally enthusiastic customer base. To our delight dCS had a very similar view and launched Rossini. Ticking all those boxes, Rossini definitely belongs to the dCS family being detailed, informative and musically engaging – it’s the perfect front end, complimenting a wide variety of system options.

Highlights from the What Hi-Fi? Review:

“To call the Rossini a DAC is to understate its capabilities somewhat. The company labels it an Upsampling Network DAC, which is far closer to the mark. This unit is more of a digital hub for a system rather than just a mere digital-to-analogue converter.”

“File support for streaming is excellent. All the major digital formats are covered, including WAV, FLAC, AIFF and DSD (single and double speed). MQA is now on the menu, making the Rossini about as accommodating as we would hope for.”

“Overall build quality is superb. The casework is immaculately constructed, feels immensely solid and is finished to flawless levels.”

“The Rossini’s presentation is so clean and crisp, with leading edges that are sharply defined and harmonic decays that happen in a natural way.”

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