A Review: The VTL S-200 Integrated Valve Amplifier

The studioAV Experience and Expert Opinion: 

“This power amplifier punches well above its weight, easily driving larger speaker loads more than you’d expect. With the same power and speed as a very good solid state amplifier, it has to be on your demonstration list if you’ve not already had the pleasure of hearing one. As with all the VTL range the S-200 offers fantastic control of dynamics across a full range of musical genres.”

Highlights from the Hi-fi News Review:

“User-friendly features are a major aspect of the current VTL Signature Series.”

“After that, on practically every recording tried, the VTL amplifier brought unexpected pleasures. It could bring out the best in a silky-smooth audiophile offering – like the Mozart Clarinet Concerto with Musical Fidelity boss Antony Michaelson as soloist, engineered by Tony Faulkner in the acoustically favourable Henry Wood Hall. Here the VTL was gorgeously light, airy, and spacious with a truly delightful string sound and a beautifully clean and open bass end.”

“This well thought-out design brings all the benefits of glowing ‘bottles’ with hardly any of the headaches. To say that the VTL gave fresh insights to everything played wouldn’t convey what this amplifier does. Put simply, the S-200 offers endless musical enjoyment.”

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