The NEW Tellurium Q Statement Cable Range: A Huge Improvement on Any Cable We’ve Heard Before

It is a hard balancing act, one that many a manufacturer and engineer have been attempting to achieve, to find the combination of materials to get a natural, transparent transmission. Tellurium Q Statement Cables get as close to that ultimately flawless sound as we have ever heard.

As with Tellurium Q’s previous cables, there isn’t one material or innovative idea that makes these cables so impressive. The combination of numerous little tweaks, innovations, engineering ideas and research has been accumulated to create these unparallelled cables. The detail, care and precision that goes into each product is incredible.

One main foundation of Tellurium Q is their dedication to only bringing out new products that are genuinely and unarguably audibly better. The Statement Cables have not broken this promise, emphasising Tellurium Q’s fantastic reputation in the hi-fi world.

Everything possible has been considered when you buy this cable, from the specifically researched solder used, to the acid free jewellery paper packaging. The extreme resolution and high definition acoustic focus points make these cables shine in front of even the most high end cables, drawing you in with their complete tonal correctness and extraordinary performance.

We have recently received our demonstration speaker and Interconnect in the Tellurium Statement range and can safely say they are a huge improvement on any previous top end cables. Please do not hesitate to book an appointment to experience the superb sound created by revolutionary and innovative Tellurium Q technology. Talk to our team on 01753 863300 for more information.