Upgrade Your Hifi System’s Power Cable to See Huge Improvement

At studioAV our customers have found great benefits in upgrading the mains power cabling within their hifi systems. It is important to remember that this is effectively the source of the system and everything after this can only be as good as the system’s power allows. There are many mains products available, however, it is essential to choose the correct mains cables for all the electronics in the system. It also crucial that the audio qualities introduced by these cables interact synergistically with the other interconnects and speaker cables that you have chosen.

At studioAV, we can guide you through the correct choice of cables for your own system, using our many years of experience in the field and informative demonstrations either in our showroom, and/or in your home system.


Benefits to upgrading your power cable include:

  • More dynamic freedom
  • Tonal richness
  • Tonal balance
  • Better clarity and transparency
  • Choosing the cable that best suits your music preferences


Over the summer months we have enjoyed working with a number of our regular customers to find them the most suited upgrades for their power cable. As a result we currently have an exceptional array of pre-owned part exchanged power cables from respected brands such as Transparent, Tellurium Q, Entreq & Audience. These are now available for sale with huge savings as further special promotion discounts have been added –  download our pre-owned mains cable price list and give us a call to reserve your power cable and discuss your requirements in more detail.

For more information on the technology and innovations that make these cables so revolutionary to audio improvements, read our blog on The NEW Tellurium Q Statement Cable Range.