A Review: Vitus RI-101 Integrated Amplifier

The studioAV Experience and Expert Opinion:

“This review below is right on the ball. The Vitus RI101 amplifier punches well above it’s weight and is a significant improvement over the original RI101 which itself was an exceptional amplifier. With nearly a complete internal revamp, this amplifier will happily drive pretty much any speaker load with an open detailed and natural sound.”


Chris Thomas’ Hi-fi Plus Equipment Review Highlights

“It really does sit at the very centre of what the Vitus is all about and in the latest amplifier also provides an impressive 300 watts (at least) with extensive and complex modifications to the voltage regulation aimed at reducing noise at this critical stage.”


“The ultra-low-noise power supply in the RI-101 is further complemented by the inclusion of the high-resolution volume control from the SL-103 and MP-L20. The whole sectoin of the amp that handles the inputs is improved too. The result is an amplifier that builds on the original with noticeably increased resolution.”


“Speaker connections are a model of excellence as you can employ 4mm or spade terminals with ease and superbly solid connections. They are some of the best out there.”


“It’s that sense that you really need to hear to appreciate. Such a well of power is not only about volume. Add the increases in amplifier resolution and a pure sense of clarity to the rest of the onboard improvements, and you’ll realise that this has released the amplifier to open new musical details and subtleties and quite often, that’s where the magic lies.”


“It has that sense of drive-anything power and stability and a seriously engaging sense of very fine detail with something of an iron fist behind it. Musically it has all the Vitus hallmarks of really elastic rhythmic focus and precision coupled with excellent tonality and balance. I can see it being an excellent investment for the serious music lover for years and years. When an amplifier is this good, it has to get a recommendation from me.”


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