New Products Ready to be Experienced in our Demo Lounge!

Our team are always heading to the latest events, researching new hi-fi technologies and exploring unique and innovative audio brands. In addition to our current range of carefully selected equipment we are now expanding the selection with more exciting products, which we shall be showing off on 13th July for our Open Day Event. Get in touch to reserve a place and find out more!

To start the ball rolling we have added the superb Kii3 active speakers. These are not only a great looking, space saving solution system, but they have a sound that belies the size of their smallish cabinet enclosure. With the optional BXT bass unit to add, these offer a musical, engaging powerful sound that will work perfectly in any room due to the ‘onboard’ technology.

We have also added the Nagra Classic range to the portfolio. This Swiss made system sports compact lines and well designed looks. The synergy in these electronics is astounding, sounding open, organic and communicative, with incredible dynamic ‘slam’ and subtlety.

Don’t forget, we will be exhibiting these exciting new systems at our studioAV lounge for the 2019 Open Day on 13th July. Get in touch now!