A Day in the Life of our Sales and Technical Manager

 As part of our outstanding customer service we offer exceptional after sales support including an annual system heath check. Affectionately known as the Hi-fi Doctor, Dominic, our Sales and Technical Manager arranges a convenient time to visit to make sure you are still getting the maximum performance potential from the system.

In addition to giving the system a good clean and tidy up it is a great opportunity to make sure your equipment is running the latest firmware (and update when necessary); check that all cables are neat and well secured; check the room acoustics are optimised and discuss positioning if he feels any performance benefits can be achieved, plus of course having a good chat about all things hi-fi whilst enjoying some great music.

This is also a good opportunity to explore a performance upgrade. This can include trying new signal cables or thinking about room treatment for acoustic improvements, product isolation and grounding, often using award winning brands such as Entreq, Stillpoints, Tellurium Q.

We carry an extensive range of accessories to test on your system, and we’ll also lend you the products for a longer evaluation to suit your own listening schedule. When you’re ready to purchase we’ll offer you a very competitive part exchange making sure your upgrade is hassle free and great value.

This is a complimentary service available to all. If you feel your system has more to give but you’re not quite sure why or how to achieve its optimum, our Hi-Fi Doctor facility may be just what you need. Get in touch on hifidoctor@studioav.co.uk for more information, technical support and to arrange your own appointment with the Hi-fi Doctor.