Kii THREE Complete Active Speaker System

Founded in 2014, Kii are a vision of the future, with their compact all in one hi-fi system design, there is certainly no comprising on producing top audio quality, clarity and depth. These speakers are the chameleon of their competitor speakers – emitting a comparable deep base for their size and giving larger speakers a run for their money when it comes to sounding bigger and better. The Kii THREE speaker system also do well to adapt to smaller spaces in comparison to smaller speakers.

These stylish speakers come in a bespoke range of colours, so you can find the colour that best suits you and your home. Kii THREE’s compact speaker design fits hand in hand with it’s compatible components keeping it looking cohesive instead of different branded amps, drivers and speakers. Featuring 6 drivers, 6 amps and 6 DACS, the DSP connects with the drivers, sending them a signal which cancels out omni-directional radiating sounds. As a result of this, the audio plays great in a range of different room sizes with minimal muffling – It’s even used by professional recording artists! 

The Kii THREE remote allows you to have full control of the speaker system, from adjusting the volume or muting to your choice of digital source you wish to connect to. With three different inputs (a USB, a Toslink and a S/DIF) you can join up multiple devices. Do you struggle syncing your satellite TV to your audio? The Kii THREE remote gives you the option to adjust the latency settings to prevent any delays so you have no my lip sync problems.

BXT Upgrade

If you weren’t impressed enough, the Kii Three comes with the option to easily add an extension module, increasing the amount of drivers from 6 to an incredible 16! Don’t worry about this taking up more space in your house, as the BXT fits seamlessly with the original Kii THREE. One of our favourite features of this upgrade, is that it increases the frequency range and adds SPL – whilst still play high quality audio no matter the room size.

Find out more at  https://studioav.co.uk/kii-audio/.