Introducing Our Latest Products: The Best New Speakers, Cables, Amplifiers and More!

We are always on the lookout for the highest quality products for our customers – so we’re very excited about our latest additions to our collection of top-quality Hi-Fi equipment. 


studioAV is very pleased to announce our latest products, carefully selected by us to give you the best Hi-Fi experience possible. All of these products can be viewed first-hand, although during the Covid-19 pandemic we will be transitioning to phone or video calls, as well as contact-free home visits if practical. Just get in touch with us to make arrangements – we are currently booking normal appointments from May 15th, though we will revise this if necessary. 

So, the serious bit out of the way, here are our newest products!:

Bower and Wilkins Formation Duo – £3500 per pair, available in black or white

These powerful wireless speakers are the ultimate in convenience, high-fidelity and style. With a dedicated control app and exceptional audiophile standards, these speakers are a complete music system in one. 

Bartok DAC / Digital Preamplifier and Networked Music Streamer – from £10,000, available in black or silver

Designed and made in Great Britain, the dCS Bartok is a very capable DAC featuring the legendary dCS Ring DAC and Signal Processing platform. It also has a custom high-performance UPNP Music streamer built-in, giving you immediate access to your own stored music collection on numerous popular platforms. 

Nagra Classic Amplifier – £13000, available in silver

Specialising in the high-end audio and professional recording sectors, Swiss brand, Nagra, have produced another exceptional high-end product. The Nagra Classic Amplifier has been designed for extremely high-quality installations, renowned for its stability no matter the load placed upon it. Our go-to product for those stepping up to the high-end. 

PS Audio DirectStream P20 Power Regenerator – £10500, available in black or silver

Answering our need for clean, consistent and strong power delivery, the PS Audio P20 provides peak power levels of up to 3600 watts, allowing even the most demanding systems to unleash their full potential. It regulates long-term fluctuations and peak dynamic with ease, making it our go-to source of distortion-free AC power. 

Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Speaker Cable – £1550 (for a 2.5 metre pair / 5 x single metres – specially made to order)

Building on the huge award-winning success of the original Ultra Black, now comes the Ultra Black II from Tellurium Q. Ultra Black has always been a studioAV go-to as one of the most neutral, detailed and well-balanced speaker cables we’ve heard, and the recently updated MK II version builds on this in leaps and bounds.

YG Acoustic Vantage Loudspeakers – £39,990, available in black or silver

We have been advocating for Denver-based YG Acoustics since 2017, and, to our delight, 2020 sees the launch of a brand-new speaker from YG – the Vantage. This three-way design is constructed from the same materials and precise production methods deployed in the flagship, Sonja XV, and offers exceptionally realistic sound, fully compatible with multichannel audio and home theater systems. 

For more information on these products, please get in touch – we are happy to help!