Entreq Vibb Eaters release good vibes!

A little while ago we teased you all on social media with some ‘cute mice’ pictures. These were of course Entreq’s Vibb Eaters, I’ve managed to take a set home to experiment with and thought I would share my experiences with you all.

Designed to absorb a wide range of mechanical resonance and drain this from the equipment case or cabinet, the special copper mineral mixture inside also acts to damp some of the stray electronic and magnetic fields present in the environment as well as emanating from the equipment itself. For more information please consult Entreq’s website here

Available in a variety of sizes and prices there is something here for every budget, from £95 for a single Vibb Eater Ultra up to £750 for a pair of Vibb Eater XX Apollos. Their priority use should be on the top of speakers as they naturally exhibit the highest amount of cabinet resonance and ‘buzz’. However electronic components can also benefit from the treatment, although serious consideration needs to be made for heatsinks, valves and class ‘A’ equipment of course.

I had selected the range topping Apollo Vibb Eaters XL at £750 per pair, which boast a somewhat refined mineral mixture over the others, to further enhance their properties.

The modus operadi is to gently ‘replump’ the Vibb Eater and then plonk it down, slightly heavily on the speakers or electronic case to be damped. Sit back, relax and play music, engage! Simple and effective, and we like simple and effective quite a lot!

Settling down with a coffee and some favourite tracks, ones initial impressions were of a greater calm and quieter background, music seemed louder yet calmer and more composed, indicating a greater dynamic range. Switching with / without established that low level details were easier to follow too, and musical events were slightly better focused within the soundstage. When increasing the volume level the effect was even more marked – you’d expect this if cabinet resonance was being effectively cured or damped.

Further listening confirmed that many tracks now possessed an inner beauty, grace and richness which previously had been hinted at, yet not allowed to blossom. Removing and replacing the Vibb Eaters confirmed this, and without them the corresponding muddying and glare returned to the music.

One bizarre issue has been that sometimes passing the lounge door, out of the corner of my eye I’ve perceived a dark animal-like shape on top of my speakers, and I’ve had the reflex to shout at my cat to get down!

The studioAV bottom line is that these offer a very tangible and cost effective upgrade. Furthermore even the top Vibb Eater is not that expensive in relation to the monetary, emotional and the time investments made into a High End System.

As ever, there is often a natural order to doing things and making upgrades, the best option for the next upgrade depends on a multitude of factors, so it is best to discuss matters with us. As renowned audio wizards we have a number of audio tricks up our sleeves, contact us and we can soon advise on the best current course of action.


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