Introducing StudioAV Essentials Store


Now has never been a better time to experiment and try new tweaks to fine-tune your system.

After all, you are likely to have gotten to know it quite well recently. This is why we have recently launched our StudioAV Essentials Store. Listed throughout the store are the cables, isolation products, headphones and other general accessories that we believe will enhance your system.

Every so often, we will highlight a handful of products that we feel can make a significant difference to any system. Included will be the chance to purchase these products with a significant discount, so that you can try them for yourselves in your own systems safe in the knowledge that if they do not meet your expectation, you can return them for a full refund (see below for T&Cs).

This month, we are delighted to offer the opportunity to try some great products from one of the latest brand additions to StudioAV – Siltech Cables.

For nearly 40 years, Siltech has been producing its own unique design of cables for the Hi-Fi enthusiasts across the world from its factory in Holland. Utilising mono-crystal silver and gold for its conductors, the Classic Anniversary Series was developed to commemorate 25 years of high-end audio cables from Siltech.

Siltech Classic Anniversary SPX800 Power cable

What better way to improve the mains to your system? Once tried in your own system, we know you won’t be disappointed.

Siltech Classic Anniversary SPX Power Cable

Save 20% – SRP £900 / Offer price – £720 for 1.0 metre terminated length