Upgrading your DC power supply? Plixir “get your Fix-ere”

The Plixir Elite BDC Power Supply is a small linear power supply with multiple levels of regulation to ensure a constant, precise, stable, reliable and clean flow of electricity. It is designed to replace the small wall-warts or switch mode power supplies, often used by manufacturers to keep a small physical case and to control prices. The Plixir sports a proper linear transformer, a balanced mains topography with multiple levels of voltage regulation, and some degree of conditioning. Balanced mains is analogous to balanced interconnects where noise should mirror each other on both the positive and negative lines, and effectively cancel each other out, resulting in less noise on the audio circuits. Several versions are available depending on usage and how many devices you would like to power from it, and they also cater for different voltage and ampere requirements of connected equipment. We have the dual output version, which means that it can feed, for example a Melco N100 Music Library and S100 Switcher.

The Distributor, ADMN, had informed us that in their testing they found this to be an excellent match for Melco Audio’s, 100 Series of Music Libraries and streaming components. But it would also be a good match for many other audio devices, small streamers, DACs, Routers(!), Roon devices etc, and anything which uses an offboard SMPS. Different voltage and ampere outputs are available to cater for different electrical requirements.

Our demonstrator unit has been quite busy on home trials, so this is the first opportunity I have had to take it home and really get a sense of how it performs.

I have a Melco N100  at home, a fantastic device, over time I have ripped all my CDs to it using Melco’s own optical drive, the D100 , I also stream using the Melco with Qobuz’s excellent service. The Melco is carefully set up on an old but good HiFi rack with it’s own shelf and aftermarket feet. I have also taken care of the cable side of things, using Tellurium Q’s excellent Silver Diamond USB  cable between my N100 and the T+A DAC 8 DSD.

Installation is really quite easy, the Plixir itself is not bulky or power amp heavy. Find some space on or near the HiFi rack, plonk it down, shut down the Melco, plug in the cable from the Plixir to the Melco, switch on the power supply and switch the Melco back on. At this point go and make a cuppa because the Melco can take a few minutes to reboot, scan and re-establish connection to your DAC and network.

Sitting down for some listening with a variety of music revealed that using the Plixir brought tangible improvements in precision, fluidity and resolution, with a greater sense of location and interplay between musicians. Both macro and micro-dynamics were also improved too, artists seemed larger, fuller more ‘true’, leading edges were sharper without being ‘over-edged’. Low level detail was easier to discern with recording room and ambience information both being more apparent. The layers of music were easier to follow, distinct yet playing together with purpose, and even with very familiar tracks goose-bumbs were in evidence.

When the unfortunate time came to return the Plixir, and the stock SMPS went back into the system, the music became coarser, soundstaging and ambience collapsed, musical lines became homogenised. I enjoyed my time with the Plixir in circuit, and it has reinforced my experience that sweating the details and experimentation can bring palpable benefits and increase ones engagement and emotional connection with music.

So it’s a simple plug and play matter, for an easy, effective and worthy upgrade.

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