Franc Audio Isolation Feet now available at Studio AV

Using some form of isolation has long been known as a great way to improve the performance of a hifi system, be it the rack, a platform or isolation feet. It is on the note of isolation feet that we decided to try the Franc Audio range of isolation feet. There are four products in the line up, two for speakers and two for more general use.

First thing first, listen to the system as it is. This comprised of a dCS Bartok DAC, Alluxity Int One mkII integrated amplifier and Sonus Faber Olympica Nova 3 floorstanding speakers.

Having listened to the system I began by placing three Classic feet underneath the DAC. The sound immediately became more open and organic, with more detail, but with a more natural air and space to the presentation. I then added three more Classic feet to the amplifier bringing further improvement, similar to the first three.


Now it was time for the speakers. With four of the Fat feet under each Sonus Faber the image depth and scale noticeably improved, the bass became faster, deeper with weight and the ability to follow note shapes made easier.


The overall effect with everything isolated was remarkable! The sound had become more coherent, detailed and dynamic, with more agility at the bottom end, greater separation, but at the same time more natural and airier. Following complex percussion patterns was effortless and the soundstage more three dimensional, now instruments and vocalists were far more tangible.

To conclude we cannot recommend these enough as an affordable system upgrade.

Franc Audio May21 Retail Price List

We have them in stock and availabe for demonstration please send us an email or call 01753 863300 to assist further with  your requirements or simply order via our StudioAV Essentials web shop

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