Hi-Fi Doctor, Your complimentary Hifi Health check is now available on line

Our long-established Hi-Fi Doctor facility is a complimentary personal service offered exclusively at studioAV using our years of experience and technical knowledge to retrieve the highest level of performance from your chosen hi-fi system. Applying the extensive catalogue of accessories from our portfolio which includes Cables from Brands such as Entreq, Siltech and Tellurium Q we have a vast array of different isolation products to experiment with from brands such as Stillpoints, Franc, Iso Acoustic and Bassocontinuo in addition to a wide variety of grounding and mains conditioning products, taking the performance of your Hi-fi  system to the next level.


At studioAV we firmly believe that getting the best sound from your system does not always mean upgrading your existing components. Utilising our specially selected range of isolators, cables, acoustic panels, hi-fi racks, advanced grounding systems and mains conditioning our customers are often amazed at our ability to enhance and improve their existing system with relatively minimal modifications and cost

If you feel your system has more to give but not quite sure why or how to achieve its optimum, our Hi-Fi Doctor facility maybe just what you need.  We can schedule in an online video consultation, discuss your current set up and the areas you’d like to improve, we can then suggest the most appropriate upgrade to test on your system with a no quibble 30day return for refund.

To arrange your complimentary Hi-Fi Doctor on line consultation simply email matt@studioav.co.uk  and we’ll take care of the rest.