Top Ten Gift Ideas For Music And HiFi Lovers!



With the festive period approaching, we thought it would be a great idea to showcase what we think are some of the best gift ideas for any audiophile and music lover.  Below is our Top Ten products that will appeal to either those looking to upgrade their existing systems or those looking to expand on how (and where!) they listen to their cherished music collections.


T+A Caruso Integrated HiFi System

If you’re a music lover looking to add a quality listening zone into your home, office or bolt hole, the Caruso is definitely for you. However you choose to access your music collection, via streaming, radio (internet, DAB and FM), hardrive, bluetooth or CD, the Caruso will be able to deliver.  With its 200 Watt amplifier driving its seven speakers, this all-in-one high-tech compact system is small in size only.  Its performance will be able to fill even the largest of spaces with wonderful room-filling sound.  And control is simple too, via its front panel touch-screen display or via the dedicated T+A Caruso App (Apple & Android available).

In stock now – £2,995.00


Escape P9 Portable Speaker

Take you music collection anywhere with this amazing portable and weatherproof P9 speaker from Escape.  Featuring a 360° sound experience, the P9 delivers a quite extraordinary performance whether it is placed inside or outside.  Combined with the sophisticated 24 Bit DSP, the four high quality drive units and dedicated 8″ sub bass driver are driven by its 100 Watt amplifier to give a full-range performance that belies its diminutive size.  Internal lithium iron phosphate batteries supply up to 16 hours of power whilst its dedicated App (Apple or Android) allows control of connected Bluetooth (4.2) devices or streaming platforms.  A stereo 3.5mm jack socket allows for a hardwired input.  For larger areas, two P9’s can be combined for a true stereo performance.

In stock now – £999.00 inc. free travel case worth £100


Lindemann Limetree Network Bridge

If you are looking to add streamed music services to your existing digital-ready Hi-Fi, the Lindemann Lime Tree Network Bridge could be the perfect answer.  Compatible with Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer, the Limetree Network Bridge is also Roon-ready, making it even more flexible.  Set up is simple, thanks to LAN and WiFi capability, whilst the optical or coaxial outputs make it the easy to connect to any DAC or CD player with digital input.  We are truly very impressed with this little box of tricks and highly recommend that you give it a try.

In stock now – £745.00


Franc Audio Fat Feet



Component isolation is a great way to fine-tune the performance of any Hi-Fi system.  The effects of external influences in the home have much more of a detrimental effect on the delicate electronics within our highly-tuned systems than is obvious, which is why adding in additional isolation solutions can make significant differences.  These Fat Feet from Franc Audio  and constricted from sophisticated CNC machining technology, carefully selected high grade materials and super hard ceramic balls, all of which guarantee the most effective suppression of unwanted resonances and best listening experiences.

In stock now – £540.00 for a set of three


Melco N100 EX Digital Music Library



Melco is widely recognised as one of the leading brands in digital music reproduction, creating products that not only work seamlessly but also aid with the correct setting up of a home network dedicated to the delivery of digital music.  It might be the entry-level to the brand’s music libraries, but the N100 EX is a fantastic device that houses a 2TB audio-specified HDD that acts as DLNA/UPnP media server with Twonky Server 8.5.  Connection to a DAC is via USB for USB playback, which also supports Gapless and DSD with DoP and Melco Markerless DSD

In stock now – £2000.00


Escape P6 BT Portable Speaker

It might be smaller in size than it’s P9 bigger sibling but the P6 is just as capable.  Offering the same exquisite fit and finish, the P6 BT is the perfect balance between design and performance.  Its dual drivers create a wonderful room-filling sound, whilst its 61/2″ subwoofer adds the required bass reinforcement too get any party started.  The high-performance 60 Watt RMS digital amplifier combines perfectly with the powerful 24-BIT DSP processor to ensure 360° sound reproduction, whilst the dedicated app allows for the pairing of two P6s for true stereo performance where required.

In stock now – £599.00


PLiXiR Elementa 12v Power Supply


A simple yet very effective upgrade for a wide range of DC Powered products, the Elementa DC is based on trickled down technology from PLiXiR’s flagship Elite range of balanced DC power supplies. The most cost effective DC power supply solution from the brand, its dual voltage regulation stage and high quality parts (including a custom Noratel transformer), make it highly superior to most off-the-shelf DC power supplies.

In stock now – £495.00


Siltech Classic Anniversary USB



There is such a wide-range of cables available, you might be right to wonder what the differences are between them all.  At Studio AV, we have chosen what we believe to be the best available and encourage you to try for yourselves so that you can fully appreciate what a significant upgrade a cable can be.  The Siltech Classic Anniversary USB cable is a purpose-designed electrical digital USB interconnect, which employs the brand’s superb G7 silver-gold conductors for maximum signal integrity. It is available with USB type A/USB type B connectors.

In stock now – £850.00


T+A Solitaire P-SE Planer-magnetic Headphones



The T+A Solitaire P-SE is one of the finest sounding and most comfortable headphones ever produced for the High End listener.  Based on the brand’s flagship Solitaire P, which in itself was a new and ground-breaking development, the P-SE incorporates a highly refined application of the magnetostatic principle. Like all of T+A’s headphones, the Solitaire P-SE is of uncompromising design, since it was conceived with a single aim in mind: music reproduction in perfection.

In stock now – £3,000.00


Siltech Explorer 270 Power Cable



Every Hi-Fi component needs the best possible power supply to make it sing.  Siltech has been creating some of the world’s finest cables for nearly 40 years and the Explorer 270 epitomises the attention to detail that goes into every one of its designs.  At its heart is Siltech’s bespoke 6N monocrystal copper conductor, which is ultra pure for extremely low loss signal transfer. This is backed by innovative dielectric materials with twin-layer Kapton-Teflon insulation to protect from mechanical, radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. Superb construction quality means that it’s built to last.

In stock now – £500.00 – Now £450.00


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