Exquisite Pre owned SME 30/ 2 Turntable with SME Series 5 Tonearm now availabe

We are delighted to be offering for sale this sought after SME 30/2 Turntable including a series 5 Tonearm

Sharing much of the technology from the flagship SME 30/12, the 30/2 is a more compact turntable which still performs at the very highest levels achievable.

With its many original design features, the Model 30/2 is a unique turntable. There are no critical adjustments or setting up procedures. Its immaculate construction and finish stem from facilities and uncompromising quality control which have made SME a byword for engineering excellence. Judged by Germany’s AUDIO ‘the best turntable of all time’ the Model 30/2 can be for the fortunate owner of an analogue collection the key to lasting musical enjoyment.

The laws of physics decree that the higher the mass and stiffness of a body the less it will flex and vibrate – and this is reflected throughout the Model 30/2. It offers the high mass and stiffness required for uncoloured reproduction further aided by efficient extensional damping of both components to reduce the amplitude and duration of their vibrational modes.

SME-model-30-2-instruction manualw

We are also including a complimentary Ortofon Qunitet Black Cartridge  If you would like to arrange a demonstration please call on 01753 863300 or email sales@studiooav.co.uk