AVID Welcome And Launch Event – 19th March

We are delighted to welcome AVID HiFi to the studioAV range. Featuring turntables, phono stages, amplifiers and speakers, we are now stocking a good range of products at our Chobham demonstration lounge, all available to audition now.

To celebrate the launch, we are holding a dedicated AVID event at our demonstration lounge in Chobham on Saturday 19th March.

Not only will attendees be able to experience just how good the AVID sound is, they will also have the chance to meet with AVID’s esteemed owner Conrad Mas, who will be on hand to discuss the products and how users can get the best out of them.

Check out some of the AVID products already available at studioAV here.

Since 1995, AVID has strived to create the perfect analogue audio system, which not only plays back source material faithfully but also entertains the listener so that every time they play a record, they are completely engrossed in the performance.  We are very inclined to agree, which is why it is such a pleasure to be representing this great brand.

Places are limited, so to join us for what we know will be a great event, reserve your place now by emailing Matt here.