Fantastic customer feedback on the New Avid Hi-fi Nexus Tonearm

Our Technical sales Manager “Mike” has had a busy week visiting many of our Vinyl enthusiasts to upgrade their turntable Tonearm to the Brand New Avid Hi-fi Nexus Tonearm.

We were delighted to have received this feedback below from one of the New Nexus owners who has fitted the tonearm onto his Avid Hi-fi Acutus Dark Turntable

“As promised yesterday here are a few of my thoughts on the arm.

WOW! 😁

But to give you a bit more detail!

I am coming to the Nexus from a 20 year romance with the SME IV, which I have used on a Michele Orbe, Volvere Sequel and latterly the Acutus Dark. It has given sterling service and was recently sent back to Steyning for a refurb and service. Whilst in Steyning they replaced the bearings, fitted the latest internal wiring loom and replaced other smaller parts such as the arm lift: effectively bringing the arm up to the latest spec. I was pleased with the improvements these changes brought.

Then yesterday the Nexus tonearm arrived!

Previously I had read reviews that the SME could sound mechanical, lacking emotion and having a bass that was not in tune with the rest of the presentation. I must admit that I did hear this, to a degree, on the Orbe but never on the AVID decks. However, the first needle drop with the Nexus revealed that everything those reviews said about the SME are true🥴

Or more accurately the Nexus opened up the emotion in the music, not through a syrupy, romantic presentation but from a top to bottom coherence that was spooky. Bass is detailed and articulate, mid-range to die for and top end detail and sparkle that revealed nuances previously hinted at. Cymbals that previously  could sound splashy  now sound like cymbals.

Then there are vocals. Sweet, extended and imbued with emotion. Eva Cassidy had me in tears all over again!

A go to album over the past 30 years has been Joan Armatrading’s “Me myself I”. Deep powerful bass lines, a great soundstage and Joan’s signature vocals. I have never heard such powerful, articulate and nuanced bass from this staple of my record collection.

In my view the Nexus is in the league of super arms and will be staying firmly on my deck.

As I have come to expect from AVID, this is an arm that builds on the strengths of everything else you do. There is, I feel a real synergy between the Acutus and the arm which elevates performance way, way beyond anything that I have ever heard before.

A wonderful product that sounds and looks amazing on my Acutus Dark.”

Here at StudioAV we keep a full range of Avid Hi-fi Turntables on demonstration they are fitted with the New Nexus & Altus tonearms

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Avid Hi-fi Nexus tonearm

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