Two very Special approved used systems are exclusively available to purchase with Huge savings

We’ve had a very busy few months working with our customers to get their Systems fine tuned and upgraded which has provided us with a Phenomenal array of Approved used cherished equipment that we are now able to offer for sale with huge savings verses the cost of buying a brand new component.

We’re in the process of compiling our Summer / Autumn approved used and ex demo sale list so watch this space or sign up to our newsletter for preview notifications – Simply enter your email address in the sign up box at the bottom of the website page.

While we’ve been checking and testing all of the trade in items we realised there’s a couple of stand out systems that can only be described as a forever system for us and no doubt many of you, The two complete system bundles are made up of a selection of the best of our current trade in products they are ……..

System 1 comprises of 

Mark Levinson No585 Integrated Amplifier including built in DAC

Mark Levinson No5101 CD/SACD  Player

Magico Q3 Floor standing speakers

With this system we are also including a complimentary set of Chord Company Epic X cables (4m pair speaker & 1m Stereo analogue XLR) All for less than half the price than if you were to buy the items Brand new – Click on the link to book a demo or purchase the  Mark Levinson & Magico system

System 2 comprises of 

Vitus Audio Signature SL_101 Pre Amplifier

Vitus Audio Signature SM_011 Mono Power amplifiers

Vimberg Amea Diamond Stand mounted speakers

These High End products are extremely well reviewed and widely respected by Audiophiles and Music Lovers worldwide – This is a rare opportunity to own this system at a fraction of the cost than if you were to buy Brand new.  We’ve not included a source or cabling on this system but will provide the buyer with a 10% saving on any New Cables and / or Accessories they also purchase to compliment the system – Click on the link to book a demo or purchase the Vitus Audio & Vimberg system

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions

Tel 01753 863300 Email sales@studioav.co.uk