We welcome Transparent Audio Cables to our extensive array of premium Hi-fi Cable Brands

There’s always room for another Premium Hifi brand to add to our carefully selected Brand portfolio. We are very pleased to welcome Transparent Audio Cables into the fold

The company was Founded in 1980 with the Transparent Audio Brand  being introduced in 1993,  Transparent is respected  around the World and is associated with some of the best sounding systems Audiophiles have put together.

Most of their products are made by hand in Maine by highly skilled technicians, many of whom have crafted Transparent products for decades.

If you’ve ever considered upgrading to Transparent there’s no better time to give us a call – We keep a full loom of Plus & Ultra ranges on demo and offer a no quibble Home loan for evaluation service and very favourable Tradein rates

Click Here to Buy Transparent cables from our essentials shop

Alternatively Please call to enquire further Tel 01753 863300 or simply send an email to sales@studioav.co.uk