Vertere Turntable Day

For those of you not familiar with Vertere Acoustics, you may be forgiven for thinking that this is a relative newcomer to the Hi-Fi scene, with its contemporary aesthetic and forward-looking engineering principles forming the basis of its design philosophy – and you would mostly be right. However, as with all the best manufacturers out there, styling is more than skin deep and behind the polished acrylic and exquisitely milled materials, this is a company of exceptional talent and of significant heritage.


Vertere is the brainchild of Touraj Moghaddam, the same owner behind the highly successful Roksan marque and who was responsible for the creation of the now legendary Xerxes turntable, amongst many other critically acclaimed designs. His knowledge and passion lead him to start Vertere with the aim of creating products that get as close to the original master recording and the live performance as possible, yet still remain accessible to any and all music lovers and Hi-Fi enthusiast alike. This spirit imbues every design that Touraj conjures and each product that is produced embodies a near obsessive attention to detail, resulting in a finished product that is both stunning to behold and a revelation to hear.

Studio AV is now rightly proud to be able to offer the British designed and built Vertere range to our customers and last week we played host to their UK Sales Manager, Mr. Mike Burn, as we took delivery of our first DG-1S demo unit. The time spent with Mike proved invaluable as we progressed methodically through the stages of unwrapping, assembling, calibrating and listening to this stunning deck…we even got the chance to play around with some of the upgrades courtesy of opting for the advanced ‘Sabre Pack’.

A brief word about those optional DG-1S ‘packs’ – most decks are supplied with the essentials of cartridge, mat, mains cable and perhaps, if you are very lucky, a half decent interconnect to get you up and running. Vertere however take great delight in going way beyond this. The DG-1S may be their entry level offering, but nothing is left to chance and the customer is provided with all the necessary ancillaries to get the very best of the design from the outset. The packages provide the end-user a full compliment of accessories, including uprated cartridge, stylus balance, advanced ‘technomat’ and matching Redline interconnect cables. Mention must also be made here to the supplied ‘Sabre’
cartridge that came with this pack, as this is truly a class act, being a genuinely phenomenal high-end MM, which will likely make you question whether MC is really necessary after all! Yes it is that good! Mike guided us through all the stages of set-up, ensuring that every ounce was trimmed and the deck fully balanced before listening commenced; a service that we will gladly provide to all our customers who opt to go with a Vertere design.

Thanks must go to Mike for his patience and his near encyclopaedic mind for everything Vertere and vinyl replay related – a wealth of information and a great resource for the more obscure musical recommendations. If you see him at your next local Hi-Fi show…seek him out and pick his brains! The DG-1S comes in a striking black (as with ours) or white acrylic finish and even has optional internal illumination that can be enabled or disabled as the mood takes; which looks sublime, even when its not spinning your favourite album! For the ultimate performance, we also recommend that you take advantage of the matching Redline cables, Challenger PSU, Phono-1 MkII L external phono stage and the beautiful Redline mains cables. Together they work harmoniously to provide a vinyl replay solution that is staggeringly good value and, dare I say it, nigh untouchable at the price in regards
to its combined form and function…and this is just the start

Find out more about the Vertere DG1-S Dynamic Groove Turntable by clicking Here or simply give us a call or drop us an email to arrange your own demonstration

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