StudioAV Appointed Centre of Excellence for Avid Hi-Fi

Not only the founder of the business, StudioAV Director Jim is also an artisan in the field of classic car restoration and bespoke customisation.

For Jim, perfection is in the detail, which not only applies to his motoring business but also to his passion for High End Hi-Fi and a love of music

Jim’s high bar is the entry point for our Brand Portfolio. He introduced us to Avid Hi-fi many years ago, primarily due to the like minded approach in attention to design, engineering, manufacturing and, most importantly, performance. Avid Hi-Fi has long been known to offer some of the finest Hi-Fi products in the world, with its hand-built in Cambridgeshire range now featuring integrated, pre and power amplifiers and speakers alongside the amazing turntables it was originally known for.  Therefore, the match of precision engineering and exceptional performance meant that it was the obvious choice to become a StudioAV stalwart.

With the recent launch of their new Accent integrated amplifier and the exceptional Evo speaker range, Avid has yet again proved why it is not only a force to be reckoned with in the audio world but also why their High End Reference  series needs to be experienced to showcase just how great music can sound whilst highlighting their years of experience in design, engineering, manufacturing now shared into their latest products.

We are particularly delighted to announce that StudioAV has just been appointed the first Avid HiFi Centre of Excellence.  This means that we always have a Reference system set up for demonstration, meaning that any of our customers that wish to experience the very best from Avid Hi-Fi  just need to book an appointment and visit our demo lounge in Chobham.


So, are you ready for the Reference experience?  Contact us now for more details and to book your demonstration.

Tel : 01753 8633300 email : sales@studioav.co.uk