Introducing MBL – High-End Audio Products From Berlin – Now Available At Studio AV!

We are delighted to announce that MBL audio systems are now available to experience at our demonstration lounge in Chobham!

Having long been admirers of those brands that don’t follow convention, but rather work on their own proprietary technology, MBL offers a totally different take on loudspeaker design by utilising its surroundings to deliver a much bigger soundstage than conventional ‘box’ speakers.

Based in Berlin, Germany, MBL was the vision of classical music lover Wolfgang Meletzky, who found that conventional speakers were unable to get anywhere near the performance he would experience from a live concert hall.  His response was the development of the Radialstrahler, a revolutionary transducer that spread concert hall sound throughout his living room.  That was in 1979 and since then, MBL has gone onto create a range of speakers featuring the latest developments of the Radialstrahler technology, along with a range of electronics to accompany them.

When we first heard a full MBL system, we were transfixed by the natural and effortless delivery across a wide range of musical genres.  When combined with the exquisite fit and finish of these hand-made speakers and electronics, we felt they would be the perfect fit for our range, as not only are they unique in performance but also they offer an aesthetic that is unlike any other range we keep at the demo lounge, and we like it!

We now have a full system running at the demo lounge, consisting of the following products:

Cadenza C51 Integrated Amplifier – more info here
Cadenza C31 CD Player / DAC – more info here
Cadenza C41 Network Player – more info here
MBL 126 Radialstrahler Loudspeaker – more info here

If you would like to hear this tantalising system (and we strongly recommend that you do!), then contact us now to arrange a demonstration:

Tel : 01753 8633300 email : sales@studioav.co.uk

You can check out MBL’s own website for more information here.