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N100C Music Server

The N100C music server can replace your aging computer audio system and elevate your audio system’s sound quality. Music can be stored on the internal hard drive – 4TB – with a solid state caching drive performing playback for superior quality and reliability, eliminating latency and drop-outs often associated with storage devices.

Features include:

  • A Gigabit Ethernet Port plus two USB 2.0 data ports for copying files from a USB, HDD or USB thumb drive.
  • The Aurender Conductor App turns your iPad, Android phone or tablet into a highly versatile use interface, making managing, viewing, playing and streaming high-resolution music a joy!
  • After a song or album is selected from the Aurender Conductor App, the music is cached to the 120GB SSD from the internal HDD and the N100C will then playback directly from the SD. This minimizes wear and tear on the HDD drive as it goes idle once loading to the caching drive is complete.
  • The dedicated USB Audio Class 2.0 output is designed to deliver an exceptionally transparent audio signal, free of noise and shielded from any outside electrical interference.
  • A full linear power supply provides a stable power source to the CPU and audio output circuitry, delivering a wide dynamic range, deep and powerful low frequency response and a wide, deep soundstage.

Housed in a beautiful machined aluminium casework, the N100C will complement your existing system components and deliver a new level of quality you have to heat to believe.

ACS10 Music Server

The Aurender ACS10 music server is a device designed to reduce reliance upon the computer and other IT products to support your digital audio system. With the ACS10, computers and other IT products are no longer necessary to listen with or manage your digital music library.

ASC10 can be used as a fully-functional music server and streamer delivering a pristine digital output via an Aurender’s filtered and isolated USB 2.0 audio port.

Features include:

  • The ACS Manager companion app is used to configure all system settings including CD ripping preferences, Smart Copy, Move, Delete, Duplicate Checker, Smart Tag Editor, and more.
  • Aurender’s CD ripping software, which is custom engineered to work with the high-quality TEAC CD-ROM drive, results in shockingly good CD rips! Sophisticated error detection and correction ensures accurate rips for great sounding results.
  • ACS10 is available in two different dual hard drive configurations to provide enough storage for even the largest digital music libraries. 16TB or 24TB.

W20 Music Server

The award-winning Aurender W20 music server is widely recognised as one of the finest digital music players available. Designed to be used with high performance digital-to-analogue converters, it is one of the few players to support external word clocks, and fully support dual-wire mode used by many reference digital-to-analog converters for optimal fidelity of high data rate recordings.

The premium design incorporates a wide range of exceptional technologies in its 20kg solid aluminium chassis. An extraordinary, FPGA-based phase-locked loop system with oven-controlled crystal oscillators reduces jitter to the very lowest levels achievable, while two banks of LiFePO4 batteries completely isolate audio components from ground and mains noise.

With 12TB of (6TBx2) internal hard disk drives and one 240GB solid-state drive cache for playback, the W20 is the perfect solution for even the most extensive high-resolution music collections. 

Other features include:

  • The Aurender W20 is the world’s first music server to completely eliminate noise from AC power supplies and AC mains through the use of LiFePO4 (LFP) batteries to power audio components.
  • Three banks of LiFePO4 batteries alternately power audio components and recharge. This completely isolates audio components from ground noise and also eliminates jitter and distortion incurred in converting AC to DC.
  • In the “Fort Knox” of hard drive enclosures, the internal hard disk drives are suspended on floating brackets to minimize vibrations. They are housed in a machined aluminum compartment for complete isolation.

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