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Avalon Acoustics is a passionate group of musicians, artists, craftsmen and engineers, who work to research, create and constantly develop leading audio reproduction technology and high-resolution 3D soundstaging. All their products are immaculately handcrafted in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and have always impressed our team of experts with their innovation and impact.


This dynamic system integrates the techniques that Avalon developed for the award winning ISIS and TIME transducers, utilising an unheard of amount of sophisticated control technologies only found in Avalon’s most advanced designs. Stored energy elimination (SEE) technology produces clear stable imaging and black backgrounds even under heavy SPL demands, and the advanced light weight driver diaphragm materials minimise energy storage and time-domain distortion. The distinctive faceted cabinet design provides optimal polar characteristics whilst having a stunning aesthetic.

Precision Monitor 1

This is a high-efficiency floor-standing reference monitor. Its incredible generation of dynamic contrast and the effective sound pressure levels make this a fantastic piece of technology. Each model in the Precision Monitor line presents exceptional spatial sound-staging, recovering the lowest level hall reverberation detail, the hallmark of true high-resolution monitors. Advanced light weight driver diaphragm materials minimise energy storage and time-domain distortion, whilst the constrained-mode damping system absorbs cabinet vibrations. This is a truly state-of-the-art reference monitor.

Compȧs Diamond

The Compȧs Diamond stands out due to its dynamic and percussive rhythmic delivery. The high transient speed and clarity of image definition is something to look out for, plus the advanced ultra-light weight ceramic/honeycomb driver diaphragm materials minimise energy storage and time-domain distortion. Non-reactive, fully damped impedance characteristic allows for ideal interface with any amplifier, so come check it out in our demo lounge.

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