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They said perfection was impossible, strive for excellence and settle for a job well done. Acutus was born from twenty years of chasing perfection and remains almost unchanged today after a quarter century in production. Launching not only the company, but an ethos to strive for perfection in everything we do, today it is the Acutus Classic.

Wiping away convention, the Acutus removes layers of distortion that haze the sound, so you hear only what is captured within your records.

Vinyl sceptics turn into fans, marvelling at the superlative bass grip the Acutus displays and its vast widescreen projection of the soundstage, thunderous dynamics and crescendos always drawing a smile.

The advantage of direct-drive turntables is their motor torque; by comparison, to minimize motor vibration on the platter, belt-drive turntables normally use low power motors coupled to a tiny belt.

Flying in the face of convention, AVID utilizes a powerful synchronous motor and twin drive belts, with dominating control over the heavy platter and the results are truly breath-taking, with deep dynamic bass and stunning rhythmic timing.

PULSAIR II Phono Stage

For over a decade our phonostages have a set new benchmark for musical enjoyment. Preceding our own designs, we tried many suitors and whilst offering excellent technical performance, they lacked realism. We call it shear power, that feeling of presence, solidity and drive that separates just listening to HiFi with that feeling of being in the presence of the performance.

Engineering turntables that arouse the sensation of musical reality with exceptionally low background noise, we spawned Pulsare, a phonostage that embodied these qualities, winning immediate critical acclaim.

Pulsare II elevated performance to new heights. Fully balanced with negligible distortion and devoid of noise. With prodigious headroom, this is pure electronic artistry.

Employing extremely high-specification components, every attribute is of the highest order. Gain, Resistance, and Capacitance are all easily adjustable, even during operation and signal integrity is never compromised by using a bank of relays for every adjustment.

Cartridges can operate fully balanced through a dedicated input for the best possible sound quality. Mono and Subsonic filters optimise playback, assuring you of obtaining the ultimate listening experience.

SIGSUM Integrated Amplifier

Driven by sound quality and our uncompromising approach to offer the best in class, the sensational SIGSUM Integrated was conceived.

Our single chassis amplifier offers unparalleled performance for those that desire less clutter or with demands on their dwellings.

SIGSUM swiftly dispels any preconception that single chassis amplifiers limit performance. Condensing our reference designs into class leading premium products is our forte and its clarity and power will expose a musical revelation.

Lurking behind our trademark embellished front panel we have distilled, condensed and shoe-horned our reference technology into a singular monument to convey true musicality.

Incorporating our Pulsus phonostage solidifies our vinyl heritage and with a dedicated mains transformer giving independent power to each channel, your favourite records will sound outstandingly realistic.

Independently powering the Pre and dual mono amplifiers is a phenomenally large mains transformer and capacitor reservoir, delivering an unadulterated sound through the worlds best volume control to your ears. Simply Awesome.

REFERENCE 4 Speakers

The sound performance from our compact stand mounted loudspeaker will redefine your expectations of what is possible.

With the clarity and dynamics of our other Reference loudspeakers and awesome bass power that belies its size, customers with limited space need look no further.

Compact perhaps but bursting with technology from our other models. Featuring our Tuned Mass Technology (TMT™) Damper to eliminate harmful vibrations, metal constructed cabinet for sensational clarity and our Bass Diffuser enhancing port air flow. It all adds up to a loudspeaker that ticks every box, a flawlessly sounding one too.

Channelling unwanted vibration that you normally feel in the loudspeaker cabinet to our Tuned Mass Technology (TMT™) damping element ensures that everything, especially the cone itself remains free of colouration and the sound remains pure and smooth.

Reflex loading optimises low frequency performance and our tuned port fires below the cabinet onto our 360° conical diffusing plate minimising location issues and producing a wonderful unfatiguing clarity of sound.

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