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Visit our demonstration lounge to hear the difference of Bowers and Wilkins 800 D3 Series.

Celebrating over 50 years of excellence, Bowers and Wilkins are probably the most recognised and respected British speaker brand worldwide. We specialise and stock the highly acclaimed 800 Diamond series range and can find a Bowers and Wilkins product to meet your requirements.

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As the flagship model in the 800 Series Diamond range, the 800D3 celebrates 50 years of excellence from Bower & Wilkins. Half a century of innovative thinking, acoustic exploration, design and engineering have created this incredible speaker that exhibits the peak of audio clarity and precision. Every component within this speaker has been re-innovated and reinvented to form a completely unique piece of hifi technology, from the anti-resonance plug and turbine head to the optimised matrix and solid body tweeter. With the cabinet available in a real wood veneer of Rosenut, or a painted finish of gloss black or satin white, this piece will look and sound stunning.

Download the B&W brochure and 800D3 anniversary book for more information.


As the most compact headed model ever made by Bowers & Wilkins, the 803D3 manages to squeeze many qualities of its larger siblings into a smaller, elegant floorstanding speaker. The definitively intense and precise sound delivered is due to these innovatively condensed components, including a Diamond tweeter, anti-resonance plug, turbine head,optimised matrix and flowport. With a height of just over a metre, a width of 334mm and a depth of 498mm, this speaker wont swamp your living room, yet its stunning shape and choice of finishes will be sure to turn heads. Whether you choose real wood veneer of Rosenut or a painted finish of gloss black or satin white, this gorgeous speaker is a technically innovative work of art.

Download the B&W brochure for more information.


Although the 804D3 has a slightly more traditional shape and style, its revolutionary performance is based on the latest Bowers & Wilkins acoustic research, design and engineering. Cutting-edge technology makes the 804D3 deliver an extremely powerful yet precise sound which can create a subtle undertone of quality music or fill a room with an energetic, compelling and highly detailed audio performance. The diamond tweeter, continuum cone FST, aerofoil cone bass units and flowport all contribute to this acoustic transparency. There is nothing conventional about the performance and technology within the 804D3, however the traditional design will give your interior a truly classic look. All the finishes of the above 800D3 and 803D3 models are available for this impressive speaker.

Download the B&W brochure for more information.


This speaker is completely unique in the world of audio technology. This exceptional stand mount loudspeaker is the first ever to feature studio-grade technology in the form of a Diamond dome tweeter. The ground-breakingly compact yet powerful and dynamic 805D3 is capable of delivering pristine sound from its impressively small system, perfect for listening to superb acoustics within smaller rooms. For detail, precision, power and innovative design, this small speaker is unparalleled. Available in a Rosenut real wood veneer and painted satin white or gloss black, this small speaker will still have the wow factor to impress all who experience it.

Download the B&W brochure for more information.

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