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Receivus Energy Absorbing Plate & Eartha Apollo Grounding Cable



This package is a great way to experience the performance improvements Entreq adds to your Hifi System.


studioAV is the UKs most established and experienced stockist of Entreq energy transforming equipment. For customers already using a Grounding box from Entreq the expansion pack is a straightforward way to further improve performance. The Receivus is placed directly on top of your electronics connecting to the grounding box. All Entreq cables have a neutral resonance, meaning that no register stands out to distort the acoustics. As well as good placements in depth and width, the Eartha Apollo Grounding Cable also offers well-placed high sound image. Our expert team can give you more advice and information on how to integrate the products into your system.


Retail price £830, Sale price £575 

Download the Entreq expansion pack


Give us a call on 01753 863300, or email sales@studioav.co.uk for more information.