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Small changes and accessories to a speaker system can exponentially improve the quality of the acoustics, no matter the size of your system, its complexity or value. Keeping your speakers and its components stable, secure and completely still is of paramount importance, so Entreq have created a range of accessories to improve and make the most of your hifi system. This includes Vibb Eaters, Lynx Feet, ES Pad, Garbo 4, AC Wraps, Cable Lifters, Earth Cables, Recievus, Optimus, K2 and Everest. Talk to our team for their expert advice and personal Hi-Fi Doctor service to see how to improve your system.

Athena & Wilma

The Athena support system brings together Entreq’s research and knowledge on controlling physical parasitic energy, high frequency noise and electrical based field effects. With a completely unique look due to its consideration of minimising and preventing problems not dealt with by typical hifi racks, the Athena is designed to a range of different system requirements. With naturally damped, multiple constrained layered construction, anti-resonance porting, an Active Silvernet system and so much more, this rack is a lot more than it seems, having been based on over 8 years of development.

The smaller yet just as impressive Wilma rack has all of the benefits of Athena, but is more suited to smaller systems. Get in touch with our friendly team for their expert advice on what your system needs to deliver even better acoustics.


All Entreq’s cables have a neutral resonance, meaning that no register stands out to distort the acoustics. As well as good placements in depth and width, they also offer well-placed high sound image. Infinity power cables have been developed from years of research that exhibit just how much difference an effective power cord can make on your device performance. In addition to power cables, Entreq offer loudspeaker cables, cable design and connectors.

Download the Entreq manual to find out more.

Eartha Infinity Cables

The Eartha Infinity line includes an assortment of connectors, from cables as common as USB and LAN, to speciality connectors such as Silver Spade, RCA Wood, Atlantis Female/Male XLR and RCA Wood.

Get in touch with our team to secure the optimal combination of both Eartha ground cable and Entreq ground box to best suit your system.

Primer & Primer Pro

The Entreq Primer and Primer Pro are built with shotgun precision, including both the ground box and ground cables. Focussing on quick convenience whilst maintaining superb acoustic quality, the Entreq Primer is solely plug, play and enjoy.

Ground Boxes

Ground boxes guarantee an improvement in musical dynamics, a lower noise floor and a clean, detailed stream of sound. They create the optimum sonic platform for any hifi system, offering high frequency voltages at ground point where they can coordinate rather than flowing around in the system.

Power Management

Entreq’s power distribution systems work in three distinct areas: distribution, cleaning and subsequent grounding. They focus on the mains power supply and are designed to minimise or completely negate the above issues. PowerUs, Cleanus and Entreq’s range of ground boxes are effective in themselves but once attached to a full hifi system, really enable your music players to exhibit the most dynamic, energetic and precise sound possible.

studioAV Exclusive Packages

Download the Entreq starter pack to find out more about our exclusive Entreq package including 1 Minimus Grounding box and 2 Eartha Cupper Grounding cables. This starter pack is easy to add to your existing system and is now available exclusively at studioAV for only £355.

Our Entreq expansion pack includes 1 Receivus Energy Absorbing Plate and 1 Eartha Apollo Grounding cable and is a straightforward way to improve performance for customers already using an Entreq Grounding Box. Now available exclusively at studioAV for only £575.

Our exclusive Entreq power pack, which includes 1 Silver Cleanus and 1 Powerus Challenger, is perfect for customers looking to improve the quality of their hifi. Please call us on 01753 863300 for further information and advice.

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