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Entreq Silver Cleanus

Entreq Silver Cleanus


A completely passive mains filter best referred to as a high frequency separator. Contaminants such as high frequency interference are significantly reduced by introducing a Silver cleanus into your supply. There is no loss of dynamics, life or musicality  from the system – resulting in a pitch black quiet background, increased purity and transparency. The Silver Cleanus can itself be grounded to a dedicated Entreq grounding box for maximum effect.


Retail price £2000, Sale price £1400 (US style plug)


studioAV is one of the UKs leading Entreq specialists, over many years of working with the product range we really understand it’s value.  It can demonstrably improve the musical performance of your system – hearing is believing. Please contact us to book an appointment or give us a call on 01753 863300, or email sales@studioav.co.uk ask any questions. We currently have a wide range of ex demo or PX Entreq products available, download our price list to find out more.