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PS Audio


Like all Hi-Fi enthusiasts, we are continually searching for components and accessories that add value and performance to our pride and joy: our Hi-Fi systems. Recently, we have been doing a lot of research into mains power supply, as our demo lounge and many of our customer’s homes are always challenged by the fluctuation of voltage supply and cleanliness of power delivery to the home – not to mention all the modern day appliances. This all affects your systems performance, holding back its full potential. Thankfully, we’ve found the component that will give your system a new lease of life, raising its high-end performance to a whole new level. The PS Audio DirectStream P20 Power Plant Regenerator does exactly what is says on the tin, providing “protected, pure, regulated, distortion-free AC power”. With peak power levels of 3600 watts, it can handle the most demanding music systems. PS Audio sums this product up perfectly; “Bigger, better, more performance that leaves you speechless.”

Further information can be found here.

Cost: £10,500
Finish: Black or Silver

We highly recommend auditioning the P20 to hear the benefits first-hand. Contact us today to set up your demonstration. 


Find out more on the DirectStream P20 webpage here, and click here to read a review from Hifi News.

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