YG Acoustic Vantage Loudspeakers

YG Acoustic Vantage Loudspeakers


We have been advocating for YG Acoustic speakers since mid-2017 when we first heard the Carmel 2s, which are still regarded as one of the best compact floorstanding speakers available. The Denver-based high-end speaker manufacturer, YG Acoustics, was founded back in 2002. It has grown to acquire numerous technology patents and has developed a world-class reputation for their no-compromise, highly-engineered speakers, which provide exceptional performance and years of enjoyment. Thanks to their fully in-house approach to design, manufacturing and build, YG speakers can be upgraded as new technology evolves, meaning your investment remains future-proof. 

To our delight, 2020 sees the launch of a brand-new speaker from YG – the Vantage. This three-way design is constructed from the same materials and precise production methods deployed in the flagship, Sonja XV, and offers exceptionally realistic sound, fully compatible with multichannel audio and home theatre systems. Find out more here. 

Cost: £39,990
Finish: Black or Silver

The new Vantage speakers are available for demonstration in our individual high-end hi-fi suite – just contact us to book an audition of your own.

Read more about the Vantage speakers in the product brochure here.

Give us a call on 01753 863300, or email sales@studioav.co.uk for more information.