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Gold Note aims to deliver the emotion of music through innovative technology, beautiful material and Italian design.


Mediterrano Turntable

Inspired by the company’s Italian heritage, the Mediterraneo turntable combines beauty and technical perfection into a unique instrument for musical pleasure.

The 60mm thick curved plinth design is based on the Catenary curve, a highly efficient concept developed by the Renaissance pillars, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Galileo Galilei. Made of Italian walnut hardwood, the chassis provides exceptional elasticity, strength, and high density. The triple plinth structure is reinforced by 20mm thick polished acrylic and a 3mm thick stainless steel board to improve its exceptional damping quality and stability. The wooden base sits on three elegantly shaped and adjustable spikes made of anodised aluminium.

The 45mm thick high-precision platter made of high-density POM is belt-driven and powered by a proprietary control system developed on a Quadral-Core micro-controller enhanced by an audio converter. The power control rebuilds the AC wave to perfectly drive the 12V synchronous motor, removing vibrations while improving its torque, to deliver the greatest dynamic and the finest detail.

The Power Supply Unit electronically controls the 33⅓rpm and 45rpm mode as well as fine speed adjustment, storing all settings into its memory. The Mediterraneo features a 80mm long bearing/spindle design, made of the hardest rectified carbon steel to achieve perfect working fluidity. The bearing system is made of bronze guaranteeing the smoothest platter rotation.

PH-10 Phono Stage

The PH-10 is an ultra-versatile phono preamplifier that offers unique features, including EQ CURVES, LOAD, and GAIN adjustments: a fully analogue design, engineered exclusively with the best components to recreate the musical event in the most natural way possible.

To control the PH-10, Gold Note developed the user-friendly Single Knob Control (SKC). Combined with the colour display, this rotary joggle allows quick adjustments of any function in real-time during music playback. The PH-10 lets you select the most appropriate EQ curve for every record: RIAA, DECCA LONDON, or AMERICAN COLUMBIA, and all selection appears clearly on the display.

Each curve can be “enhanced” with the proprietary technology inspired by the Neumann Cutting Lathe for superior dynamic and musicality.

To maximise the performance of the PH-10, the company has also developed the PSU-10, a dedicated external super inductive power supply that allows the phono stage to achieve its fullest potential, reaching an even higher degree of musical realism, better dynamics, and greater three-dimensionality sound.

PSU-10 Power Supply For PH-10

The special external power supply PSU-10 has been designed to enhance the performance of the PH-10 phono stage, thanks to its Super Inductive Dual Choke hybrid design.

It features an inductive filter on the analogue stage and a dual choke design powered by a double inductor driving both the negative and positive high-current stages. The Gold Note proprietary Dual Choke design perfectly filters the signal voltage to eliminate any interference and electrical noise from the AC power system.

With its massive power supply, it provides a shield from the AC power grid. By achieving complete insulation, an ideal working environment is created for the PH-10 phono stage to perform at its best.

IS-1000 Integrated Amplifier Streamer DAC

The IS-1000 merges a powerful class AB Integrated Amplifier, a MM/MC Phono Preamplifier, a High-End DAC, and a high-resolution Streamer in one single unique source.

The class AB amplifier with 125W @ 8Ω per channel guarantees pure sound, vivid dynamics, and the finest detail. It also offers a wide range of digital and analogue inputs to ensure total control and freedom to upgrade, expand or connect more devices. You don’t need anything else to experience the real pleasure of high-definition audio at home. Nothing more than the IS-1000 and your speakers. It’s really that simple.

Streamed music is more than catered for via Roon, Airplay, Tidal, MQA, Qobuz, Spotify, vTuner, and Deezer, whilst controlling the IS-1000 is simple, thanks to the GN Control App on your smartphone or tablet (available for iOS and Android for free). Browse your collection of digital music stored locally on a NAS or USB flash drive and enjoy your favourite music tracks. If you love vinyl records, connect your turntable directly into the IS-1000 to use the integrated Phono Preamp.

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