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studioAV offers you the finest music reproduction systems available on the market today, and are constantly exploring the global market for upcoming technologies to enhance and develop your hi-fi experience. Our range of products has been carefully chosen to ensure exceptional performance, reliability, value for money and service backup. Our diverse, ever-growing collection of hi-fi components from a wide-variety of manufacturers is essential to designing, assembling and realising a bespoke hi-fi system perfect for your household and lifestyle. The studioAV team are experienced in seamlessly and innovatively integrating contemporary hi-fi technology within your interior layout and style. From discrete to flamboyant, we can create an unbeatable hi-fi system which adheres to all your requirements and more.

Thinking of updating your hi-fi system? studioAV offer a brilliant hi-fi enhancement service, Hi-fi Doctor, in which we will comprehensively evaluate your system and advise how best to optimise and/or upgrade to achieve the very best musical performance, without buying expensive new components.

We are equally adept with both digital and analogue playback and can demonstrate the merits of the best disc, streaming and turntable based systems.

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