Accessories to Enhance Your Experience

The performance of your hi-fi is influenced most by your choice of major components, however, other seemingly less important items also play a vital role in the process. The cables, the stands and the supports under your system can all dramatically affect – and improve – the system’s performance. Spending relatively small amounts of money here can produce large improvements in quality. We aim to give you the best advice on finding the balance between what is truly worthwhile and running up huge bills on accessories you don’t need. 

We stock a selection of brands such as Stillpoints, Entreq, Tellurium-Q and more.


We understand that a quality, immersive musical experience is paramount within the home, but why limit it there? Experience flawless acoustics and impressive bass with our range of wireless, non-wireless and in-ear headphones, all with stunning, wow-factor aesthetics. Find out more

Entreq Packages

We are offering three exclusive Entreq packages, for customers looking to improve their current system with innovative new acoustic technology. Find out more

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