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Innovative Technologies Enhancing your Home Lifestyle

The only limit is your imagination when it comes to controlling your home.  Automating your home gives you the ability to simply and quickly control and centralise all the technical systems within your household, making life easier and more convenient. Whether you just want to replace various remotes with one simple device for your television and hi-fi, or you want complete control over your integrated security, heating, lighting and entertainment media, our home automation systems can deliver.

Home automation enables you to not only enjoy responsive technologies in your own home, but to control components within your household completely remotely, from down the road or on the other side of the planet. The advantages of remote automation are unlimited, from turning on your heating on the way back from work so that it’s nice and toasty for when you arrive, to preheating the oven whilst you’re picking the children up from school.

The studioAV team have a wealth of experience in intelligently integrating sophisticated technologies and advanced electronics into your household, creating the perfect surroundings to unwind, relax and enjoy.

Our products come from such well-known names as  Control4, ABB, Gira, Lutron and Rako, so book an appointment now to get a glimpse into how home automation could enhance your home.

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