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Kii was founded in 2014 and aimed to create true no-compromise systems that break the mould of compact speakers, letting you enjoy breathtakingly superb audio. The revolutionary audiophile performance available through these extremely compact designs truly represents the future of music reproduction. The speakers emit sounds not only with comparably deep bass for their size, but sound bigger and better than larger speakers, whilst also adapting better for smaller rooms than other smaller speakers.

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The perfect combination of stunning design and revolutionary electronic acoustic, each Kii speaker hosts everything you need for an incredible audio system in one compact housing. Whilst many audiophiles combine a diversity of different brands to put drivers, amps, speakers and cables together on one (often messy looking) stand, the Kii THREE have compacted top end and seamlessly compatible components into one speaker. This makes the Kii THREE one of the neatest and most aesthetically impactful designs we have ever seen, plus it comes in bespoke colours for that extra personal touch.

With 6 drivers, 6 amps and 6 DACS, the DSP engine signals each driver to cancel out omni-directional radiating sound, inverting notes and using interference. This means that the sound plays well in rooms of all shapes and sizes, with minimal muffling or inconsistency due to audio waves bouncing off the walls. The accuracy to the sound feels incredibly real, with no window between you and the music, therefore the Kii THREE is often used by recording artists.

The stands to the Kii THREEs are bought separately, and house all wires internally for clean aesthetic, nothing detracting from the impressive acoustics.

Kii THREE Remote

The Kii THREE remote means you can make complete adjustments to the speaker sound, as well as selecting which digital source you would like to connect to. You can hook up multiple devices to the remote using the three different inputs, a USB, a Toslink and a S/PDIF. Through the remote you can also change the latency setting, meaning if you have connected Blu Rays or a satellite TV to the speakers, there will be no delay in the sound, therefore no troublesome lip sync problems occur. You can also change and mute volume from the unique and intuitive Kii THREE remote.

Kii THREE BXT Upgrade


This extension module transforms the Kii THREE into an impressive floor standing speaker, adding 16 new drivers to the original 6! Taking up no more floor space than the original, the BXT combines seamlessly with the Kii THREE, making complete use of Kii technology, increasing the frequency range and adding SPL, whilst still ensuring the speaker works fantastically in any room, small or large.

The Kii THREEs can be upgraded at any point, so this is definitely something to keep an eye on for when you need that extra something for your musical space. Even better, the original Kii THREE speakers can be easily detached and will adjust their software automatically depending if they are playing solo or with their BXT brother attached.


The Kii THREE speakers really do represent the future of how audiophiles will enjoy the most incredible acoustics, with no sacrifice to a stylish, non-impeding aesthetic.


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