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UK’s first Melco Master Dealer

We are proud to announce that studioAV is the UK’s first Melco Master Dealer. Get in touch to find out more or to speak to our expert team about how the new Melco Mk2 components can enhance your hifi system.


The Melco N1AH60/2 is a revolutionary music source, due to its ability to play an intensely precise quality of audio performance without requiring IT or computer devices. Setting up IT devices for audio can be a complicated task, however with Melco’s new N1 MK2 range, setup and music management is simplified, letting you focus on the fantastic high resolution music. With 6TB internal storage and HDD cradles to reduce mechanical vibrations, every component of this piece of unparallelled audio technology pursues musical perfection. Each element of the N1AH60/2 has been manufactured and integrated as close to perfection to ensure the finest, purest sound is produced; the power supply includes an additional high performance Capacitor Bank to minimise electronic noise and even the top cover is treated with copper foil over the power supply areas to ensure the quietest electronic surroundings.

With easy import, download and backup capabilities, direct CD and USB play, USB-DAC and Ethernet streaming, the N1AH60/2 is dedicated to providing the highest quality of audio.

Download the Melco brochure to find out more or buy now.


With the same capabilities as the N1AH60/2 in that it is not an IT device and is dedicated to unparallelled music storage and playback, the N1ZS20/2 is optimised for superior audio performance unlike super-fast computer drives. Dual power supplies separating power for HDDs and delicate signal processing electronics ensure audio precision and clarity. With easy import, download and backup, it also offers direct CD play, direct USB play, USB-DAC and Ethernet streaming. Focussing on ease and convenience, the N1ZS20/2 has a large capacity for extensive music libraries and a USB expansion port if your collection grow even larger than this. Easy music transfer and music import systems are integrated and a simple CD import process is available.

Both the N1AH60/2 and the N1ZS20/2 are fantastic systems, so get in touch with our team for bespoke advice on which would suit your needs most.

Download the Melco brochure to find out more.

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