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As always with Nagra, the sound fidelity is in total harmony with the original recording and is faithful to the artist’s intention.


Classic Line

The Classic Line is Nagra’s first venture into the High-End Hi-Fi world. Its very distinctive look comes from the legendary Nagra recorders. Nagra Classic Line includes a wide range of products from source to power amplifiers. Extensive engineering work and critical listening sessions ensure a musicality second to none and Nagra’s legendary build-quality guarantees decades of listening pleasure.

HD Series

The HD Line, for High Definition, was created to push the limits of realism and the boundaries of what electronics can achieve. You will be struck from the first notes by the depth of the sound-stage and the sensation of experiencing music live.

The range currently consists of three products:

  • HD DAC X
  • HD AMP

Reference Anniversary Turntable

During 2022, Nagra celebrates its 70 year anniversary. Founded in the pursuit of excellence in sound recording and sound reproduction, Nagra has a rich history of producing some of the world’s best analog recording and playback devices. This year Nagra adds to this remarkable legacy of products with the introduction of its first turntable and tonearm system.

While often contemplated, it wasn’t until four years ago that the design and engineering of a turntable befitting the name Nagra began. Working as a team, Nagra’s staff of extremely talented designers and engineers relentlessly pursued perfection in the fields of applied physics, mechanical and electronic engineering as well as material science. Four years later, after hundreds upon hundreds of scientific team hours, accompanied by exhaustive listening tests, the result is a turntable which extends the current edge of the arts.

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